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Application packages can be accessed from the Accounts Department at a cost of $2,500 each

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Each applicant MUST complete both physical and online forms. Physical forms can be accessed from the Central Office at a cost of $200.

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Cancelation of ALL Cheerleading Sessions! 

Excelsior High school will no longer be a part of any cheerleading competition for the remainder of this school year.

Parents are advised that the school is NOT affiliated with any group, club or training done by Mr. Wilson.


Thank You.

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CXC CSEC & CAPE Timetables - May/June 2024

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 Examination Schedule for Grades 7-10

Examination Schedule for Grades 7-10

Dear Parents and Students,

Please be advised that the upcoming exams for Grades 7-10 are scheduled as follows:

Grades 7-9 Family Resources Management and Industrial Arts exams will be administered on Thursday, April 25, 2024, from 8 am to 9 am.

Grade 10 Geography and accelerated Grade 10 Religious Education exams will begin on Friday, April 26, 2024, from 8 am to 10 am.

Exams for all other subjects will be conducted during the Examination week from Monday, April 29 to Friday, May 3.

We kindly remind all students to prepare adequately and arrive promptly for their exams. Should you have any inquiries or require further assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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Boys - Fourth Place   122points 
Girls- Eighth Place      64 points

2024 ISSA/Grace Kennedy Boys and Girls Championships: EXCELSIOR'S JOURNEY

On behalf of the XLCR Eagles Track & Field Programme, Excelsior High School and DASH Athletics, allow me to express our sincerest thanks for the sponsorship extended to our teams throughout the recent track & field season.


Whether corporate or individual, alumni or friend, large or small, we thank you all. Without your partnership we would not be here, from our over 70 student-athletes who have attained or are currently pursuing university degrees to our most recent jaw-dropping performances at Champs. We are indeed grateful and indebted to you and your generosity.


We look forward to even more fruitful relationships as we not only continue to re-establish XLCR as an athletic powerhouse, but more importantly assist our student-athletes develop into worthwhile citizens, who will go on to contribute to their respective communities, wherever they may choose to live.



Desmond K. Shakespeare

Director, DASH Athletics

Managers of The XLCR Eagles T&F Programme.  

Excelsior App

All iPhone users can access the new Excelsior App by scanning the QR Code shown below and adding the icon to their home screen as a web app.


Android users go to the play store and uninstall the old app and download and install the new app.

Excelsior App

Excelsior High Safety and Security Protocol


Dear Parents and Guardians;

In order to secure the safety of your child, the members of staff and the school’s campus we are reminding you of the school’s Safety and Security Protocol.

 We are asking for your cooperation in helping to maintain the safety and security of all parties, by your adhering to the instructions of the security officers when visiting the campus and ensuring that your children are familiar with the rules and regulations of the institution.

Safety and Security Protocol

1.  School begins at 7:30 a.m. and ends at 2:00 / 2: 30 p.m.

2.  Parents/Guardians are not allowed on the campus during school hours except for the following

      - Parents/ Guardians are to attend a meeting with school authority

      - Parents/ Guardians are requested (by the school nurse or the school authority) to collect
        child/children due to illness

3.  Only one individual (parent/guardian) will be allowed on the campus at any time to represent a

     - Parents/Guardians must be able to furnish an identification card in order to establish proof of


4.  Parents/ Guardians must inform the security personnel of the reason(s) for visiting the campus and
     must wait for the security to be assisted.


5.  Parents/Guardians must accompany their child/ward if they are scheduled for a meeting with
     school authority. Students must not be sent before or ahead of the parents/guardians.

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