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Champs 2023  Highlights

  • Excelsior's Lady EaglesT'Kyla Bennett


T'Kyla Bennett entered Excelsior High School in September 2016. Initially a sprint hurdler she represented the Lady Eagles in the 70mH Class 4 at Champs 2017, where she made the semifinals. She has been a consistent member of the Lady Eagles team, representing the school in the hurdles and sprints. T’Kyle has been instrumental in the Lady Eagles’ dominance in the Corporate Area Champs, with XLCR winning the championships 6 years consecutively. She's currently ranked #1 in the Girls 400mH in Jamaica.

T’Kyla, last year switched her events and is now competing in the 400m and 400mH. She won the 400m in a PB 58.71s at the Ted Dwyer meet, she expressed surprise while confiding that the hard work was paying off. She was a member of the XLCR Lady Eagles team which made the Penns long relay finals for the first time.

 T'Kyla is currently in Upper 6th Form and has CSEC passes in 7 subjects and 3 at the CAPE level 1. She is currently pursuing Sociology, Communication Studies, and Caribbean Studies. Her goal is to gain an athletic scholarship to university where she intends to pursue studies in Business Management.

( Writer: Desmond K. Shakespeare- DASH Athletics- Adapted )

  • Excelsior have regained the ISSA Grace Shield Under-19 title after dethroning Innswood by a massive 305 runs on Thursday's last day of their 3-day final at the  Melbourne Oval. Innswood, who resumed the final day on 9-1 chasing an improbable 546 for victory, were dismissed for 240.

 Age Animo

  • Lacrosse  girls' final, Excelsior ,Amanda Graham-Golding-coached team, was able to stave off the challenge from Wolmer's to retain the title they won for the first time last year.

The champions, who had beaten Wolmer's quite easily earlier this season, found their opponents a much more difficult nut to crack in the final.

Excelsior returned a much different team in the second half and their obvious quality shun through, as they who took control of the game in the latter half to ensure the trophy returned to 137 Mountain View Avenue.

(BY DWAYNE RICHARDS-Observer writer-Adapted)


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