On Christ the sure foundation

On Christ the sure foundation,

Resolved and proud we stand;

Our past secured by mercies,

Our future in God’s hand.

They blazed a path most glorious,

Who served us selflessly;

And we, the course victorious

Must stay relentlessly.

On eagle’s wings still mounting,

As day succeeds to day;

Excelsior swells the chorus;

YET HIGHER! All the way.


2. O God of strength and wisdom,

Source of all love and truth;

Through childhood days You nurture

And guide us into youth;

In later years, still guiding,

You light the way we go;

We look to you Great Teacher,

For all we need to know.

Time, gifts and all we offer,

Life’s calling to fulfill;

That as we go, EXCELSIOR,

We do God’s sovereign will.



  Our School Song