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  Our  Mission and Vision  Statement

  Mission Statement

The Mission of the Excelsior High School is to promote and facilitate

academic, social and spiritual

development of the highest quality to students of varying backgrounds, using comprehensive curricular and co-curricular programmes delivered by highly-motivated and efficient staff with the support of dedicated stakeholders, thereby preparing

students for life and the world.


We will have:

  • Demonstrable Christian-based values.


  • A respectful, equitable, understanding  school atmosphere.


  • The involvement, dedication, and high level of discipline of all stakeholders.


  •  Highly-valued, motivated and efficient staff.


  • An excellent curriculum in an environment conducive to learning.


  • Excellent student-teacher relationships.


  • The best-maintained and environmentally-friendly school.

These will result in:


  • Well-rounded students

  • An outstanding culture of excellence,

       including excellence in academics, sports  and socio-cultural activities

  • An achievement of unity of purpose

  • A sense of school pride, and

  • An outstanding contribution to community and nation-building

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