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Rev. M. Lewis 

Vice Principal in charge of Curriculum Matters and Examination

 I joined the staff at Excelsior High School in February 1995 and have served in various capacities including Head of the Science Department and Grade 7 Supervisor. I am currently the Vice Principal with responsiblity for Curriculum Matter and Examination.

 I am extremely passionate about teaching and believe that I can make a difference in the lives of each and every student I interact with. I have strong leadership abilities and excellent  communication and time management skills. I also work well in teams and in stressful situations. 

 I am a graduate of Mount Saint Vincent University,

University of Technology, Institute of Theological  and Leadership Development as well as the the Vocational Training and Development Insitutue (VDTI). I am currently pursuing doctoral studies in the field of education.


Mrs. M. Tomlinson 

 Vice Principal in charge of Student Affairs and  Grade Supervisors

Mrs. C. Hunter 

 Vice Principal in charge of Teacher Development and   Extra Curricular Matters

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