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Wesley A. Powell - Founder

Excelsior School began its existence on January 19, 1931 at 8 Hampton Street in Campbell Town, with five (5) students and its Founder, Mr. Aston Wesley Powell.


In 1934, because of increasing numbers, the school was housed in what used to be the Earl’s Court Hotel at 18 North Street.  In 1949 the school moved to its present location on part of the Antrim property at 137 Mountain View Avenue. This was to become Excelsior’s permanent home.


In 1951 Excelsior was sold to the Methodist Church in Jamaica and from then, the Church has been playing a vital role in the life of the school.  The school ceased to function as a private institution. It was now owned and operated by the Methodist Church and received a government grant-in-aid through the Ministry of Education.  Excelsior had gained new status. 

Although these changes had taken place, Wesley Powell

continued to be Headmaster.  The Founder died in 1997 and his remains are buried on the campus.


Between 1971 and 1977 the dream of making Excelsior into a learning institution, to provide education and training opportunities for persons from three years to adulthood, became a reality.  Today, the Excelsior Education Centre (EXED) is made up of a pre-primary school, a primary school, a high school and a community college with day and evening divisions.

Lindo Wong - Past Principal

Louise Bennett - Coverley  - Past Student

  Our History

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