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Hi, I'm Deanroy Bromfield


Welcome to the Excelsior High School Website. We are pleased that you are using this medium,

whether you simply want to know more about this proud institution or you are a member of the family who wishes to access information. We anticipate that this facility will be of tremendous benefit to all stakeholders and we look forward to your feed back regarding this website in particular as well as Excelsior's general development. 



I have benefitted from a Christian upbringing by a family that believed that education had to be the vehicle for development. As a result I think that persons; must be ambitious and goal oriented, must make strategic plans in order to achieve these goals, must be sensitive to others and must always give back to society.  



I believe in cooperation for development rather than competition with each other. One should seek to compete with himself/herself in order to be the best he/she can be.

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